About Us

Bang Tidy Styling is a hub of creative fashion styling and bespoke event production; consisting of the industry's most talented stylists, costume & set designers, art directors, and hair and makeup artists. As well as styling for celebs and VIPS, we have also worked on everything from editorials, ad campaigns and TV Shows to large scale corporate events. Our work has appeared on TV shows for ITV, Channel 5 and Sky, plus live events for Vogue, M&S and many more. We have created, built and produced experiences and events for leading brands and retail giants across Europe and the US.

Who Are We?

Bang Tidy Styling was created by the dynamic duo: Jemma Bolt & Helen Shephard. Both expert fashion stylists and presenters, Bolt and Shephard are no strangers to the world of TV and Fashion. Working in both fashion and event production, styling - of all kinds - has become their second nature. Their network from their vast experience also enables them to provide the best talent in the industry for whatever creative need.